The Basics

Brushing Up On Basics

We tend to forget about the basics. Often though I find like in life, when playing kendama going back to the basics strengthens my foundations and allows me to more easily land difficult tricks. If you have played you know what I mean. * Whirlwind check *. Hope you have those earth turns and ken flips honed. I’ve been recently trying to practice the stilts and the precision needed to catch the ken on the tama can only come from endlessly doing airplanes and birdhouses until they’re honed to perfection.

Here are a few basics I started with and always go back to for further development.

Big Cup

Small Cup

Base Cup

Pull Spike


Around Japan

Around the world

Earth Turn



Videos up now! Click a trick name to view

Pictured Kendamas – Come from Kendama USA

Classic Kendama – Black

Classic Kendama – Green

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