Best Starter Kendama

Let me be the first to welcome you on your journey of excellence. Starting a new adventure is always exciting, a little nerve racking, and oh so fulfilling. Now I’m sure you have many questions as you embark on honing your kendama skills. I know I sure did when I began, I will start by answering a question that had me scouring the internet in pursuit of just the right answer. That question was:

What is the best starter kendama?

After spending a few days online, I quickly came across numerous answers from avid kendama players. All providing their own stories of when they began and recommendations from their experience playing. This showed me that this small niche was a lot larger than I had initially thought. I got answers ranging from the dozens of different kendama brands, so eventually, I decided to take matters into my own hands. With so many options to choose from and a lack of knowledge, I decided to snag a pink Sunrise kendama from the KendamaUSA sale page. Initially, my thinking was that I didn’t want to spend too much on a toy I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy and what’s the difference.

I soon discovered how wrong I was! Shortly after I was anticipating another package from Sweets kendama and now nearly two years later I’ve owned more kendamas than I care to admit. I am not a pro player or the most experienced, obviously only playing for less than two years, but from my research and personal experience I believe the best kendamas to start with would have to be the Ozora kendamas. The Ozora kendama is a traditional kendama made in Japan, they play really well and have a decent sized bezel compared to other Japanese made kendamas, which make spiking easier for beginners. Along with great playability, they are also pretty durable, so they can handle intense play and last a long time. Go ahead and snag your own by clicking the Ozora link above or here, then head on over to the tricks page to check out some starter tricks to practice.

Ozora Galaxy

#KOTD – Ozora Galaxy


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