Effects of kendama on my life

Kendama may be viewed as a simple game on the surface. Though if you take the time to look deeply into the intricate design you can see that the tricks can evolve into complex fabrications only the imagination can craft. It takes a deep concentration, an intense focus of coordination, and perseverance to master sometimes even the simplest of tricks.

When I play I leave behind a world of chaos and find the order between the seams. In my zone, I find the things that stress me melt away and I’m left with a peace that transcends time. My normally shaky hands find the grain within the wood and lock in place allowing me coordination I don’t have in any other means. Frustration occasionally arises when a trick may not go just the way I envision it but a deep breath a few extra tries and soon enough I’ve got it. Then the satisfaction is intoxicating keeping me afloat for the rest of my day.

I’ve been playing kendama for about 2 and a half years now and I am far from a pro. I’ve for the most part always been a patient individual but I can absolutely say that kendama has improved my patience. I was not a truly coordinated individual but now I can do things I’d never imagined possible. Now thanks to kendama I also understand that though something may seem difficult now, practice patience and perseverance can lead to success tomorrow. Plus the reward of successfully leveling up is such an amazing feeling.

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